Rómulo and Remo

Sexticles (+18)

I love to have you both eating my from pussy, I’m like the wolf breeding the twins.

I love the feeling of both your tongues licking my lips, soaking them. Your four hands dancing all over my skin making me shiver.

I love seeing your cocks grow at the same time, taking each one with one hand and stroke them, feeling their warmth in my hands, feeling them pulse harder and bigger. Taking you both close to the point of no return and stopping, having you both under my domain.

I love to alternate your cocks in my mouth, one after another, tasting them, licking them, swallowing them deep, covering them with my saliva.

I love you both making me choke, making me gag, making me cry… I’d love to be able to fit both your cocks together in my mouth, but they are too big, although I’m sure one…

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  1. Especially informative… look frontward to coming back again

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