Natalie in the Cold

Lascivious Lucy

This story stands alone, but if you want to read more about Natalie’s adventures check out Natalie’s Date

Natalie waited for Sir to come home.  She knew he’d be home soon, and she’d put on the lingerie he’d requested.  She loved the way she looked in the open cup bustier that held her tits aloft, but left them bare. She’d slid into the g-string. He’d asked her to wear the French maid apron, but that was all.  She knelt next to the door and waited.

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The Godly Chic Diaries

  • Our work should equip

    the next generation of women

    to outdo us in every field

    this is the legacy we’ll leave behind


They say you are a woman, you are not worthy. I ask WHY?

To YOU, my future female colleagues, from all walks of life, don’t ever let the opinions of others dictate your decisions. You are going to face obstacles and doubters, but use them to fuel you, never stop you. Incredible things happen to women who walk side by side, hold each other up and support each other! You determine whats best for you. Be who you are. Stand up for yourself and others – that’s what I’m doing now!God bless!

Blessings and love…

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Please spank me Master

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The sweet wait

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Stand perfectly still, or else (!!)

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Are you ready to begin your training?

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Survivor or Laborer How Human Service Managers Perceive Sex Workers?

Sex Work Research

Anasti, Theresa. 2018. „Survivor or Laborer: How Human Service Managers Perceive Sex Workers?“ Affilia, Mai, 0886109918778075.


Regardless of primary population served, human service organizations are likely to come into contact with individuals who have been currently or formerly involved in the sex trade. In the United States, social workers have had a fraught history with this population, either treating them like delinquents or like victims in need of rescue. Sex worker activists in the United States continue to decry the negative treatment provided by individuals in the helping professions, even as harm reduction, the practice of reducing the harm of risky behaviors, has entered the service provision lexicon as an antidote to abstinence-only services. This article uses qualitative interviews with managers of human service organizations in the city of Chicago to determine how they think about their work with sex workers and how they perceive the…

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