Boobday Friday:Boobs & Rope….

Understanding Flutterby

Anyone who follows my twitter feed will know I love rope. I love the feeling of it, tying with it, but mostly being tied with it. There’s something soothing about it’s caress, even when the hug is so tight you feel each strand bite into your skin.

So, as my first foray into posting a Boobday Friday post, I thought I’d share the part of my body I love being tied the most….my boobs!! There are so many ways they can be tied, and ‘m really looking forward to practising, and photographing, my progress as I explore rope further.
I also have a thing for mono and red photographs, so don’t be surprised if any furthe rpictures also follow that theme.

c360_2016-10-02-14-26-11-961img_20161003_081955Knowing Sir as I do, I’m pretty sure he’ll approve of me participating in this meme now, and in the future *grin*

If you yourself participate, and you have…

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