The Purge

Understanding Flutterby

My mind blurted it out, and in submissive parlance, it fell upon the screen.

“I have a hankering for something….destructive, and cruel.” I tell Him out of the blue.


“Anything in mind?….” came the response, not really the one I was expecting.

For a moment it threw me, and I stumbled over His words, my mind becoming snagged upon them as I fleetingly hung there, seeking to complete my own thought processes.


“I can’t describe it, because I only know how it feels, not what it looks like”

I don’t have a scene imagined in my head, I don’t have an implement already picked out for Him to use as I visualise my destruction.

I just know what it feels like before, in those moments of anticipatory suspense.
I only know what it feels like during, as His sadism surrounds me.
I can only…

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Om Stene Anker

Just some words...
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