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This week is prompt week here on Sinful Sunday, the theme being Change.

In light of a few personal things and the current climate of uncertainty bringing me down, I wasn’t going to post this at all, but nothing will change(ha!) if I always allow the lows to predominate.
Before I get onto my post, though, I want to point everyone who reads this in the direction of Molly’s post Safety Measures. The image is beautiful, but the post makes me sad, or rather the fact it ever had to be written makes me sad. How far have we fallen that we need to outwardly display our distance from racism and hatred in order to make people feel safe? Where is the empathy for humanity? I love Molly’s image, and love her for making the point in such a poignant and personal way.


So, the theme ~ Change

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Om Stene Anker

Just some words...
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