Mintie’s Raging Corner of Pissed Off: Fetish Exploitation

Mintie Price

Learning how to become the most wonderful erotica author in the world is a prickly, pokey journey. One thing I’ve turned to during this agonizing trip is eBook titles on Amazon written by successful erotica authors, about the craft and strategy of marketing your beloved work about orgies and tiddies and the like.

I’m not going to name names, but I was saddened, bummed, outraged, and disappointed by a recent Amazon title about making a fast buck on erotica buyers by exploiting unusual fetishes, writing 2-3 pages on it, and selling the title for an outrageous amount of money considering the work involved ($2.99 for 2 shitty pages, seriously?!).

A tactic used by this self-proclaimed terrible writer is to post on message boards in fetish communities, advertising their own title. Because there is often no written material and limited filmed pornographic material about the fetish, the community buys the work…

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