Close enough

Close enough

When perfection finds its way

into the moment with us,

we will be close enough

and when your sunlight fingers

touch my skin

I will crawl inside you

the in between

of night and day

will surge against the sky

as we fall into ourselves

and fold against the shadows in our minds.

Underneath the shape of fear,

lies the pulse of desire,

the need for salvation,

for liberation

shrouded in my warmth,

you’ll engage me.

You will make me more

than everything,

I’ll try to stop it,

but your devotion will carry me through.

Every painful inch,

is a scapegoat martyr

to satisfaction.

You will push me all the way,

you will push me all the way,

you will push me close enough,

close enough.

Miss Monique

Code: 1311149292263© 2016 Safe Creative

License: All rights reserved


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