I Can Forgive Some Adverbs, But Not All Adverbs

Mintie Price

(Reader’s Guide: I am putting in bold font all of the times I’ve used adverbs in my blog post, so you can see if I’m right or wrong)

When I write, it’s a fast-paced mess. It’s like if you put a jet engine on a ‘98 Honda Civic that has a lot of structural problems. I race through everything that I do in this dangerous way, making a huge mess and then assessing the damage once my goal word count of 500 is reached.

The reason I’m making that horrible metaphor is because once I’ve finished doing doughnuts in the Civic, there are usually a lot of adverbs in my work. Even in that sentence, “usually.” Now, I am of the Stephen King persuasion that adverbs make a piece of writing look like a 5th grader’s essay on George Washington. They stink.

Here is Stephen King on the…

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