Jumping on the couch

Sexticles (+18)

It´s a cold winter night. Violet and Tom are sitting on the couch, by the fireplace.

The TV is on, but there´s nothing interesting to watch. Tom´s hand slides over Violet´s leg, from the knee upwards. Their eyes meet, so do their mouths, a long sweet kiss. Their tongues fight inside. Sweet kisses quickly turn into hungry beastly ones, devouring each other lips.

His hand softly touches her waist, bringing back some calm, her hands crawl his chest. Soft and tender caresses happen as their clothes slowly come off.

Only her sexy underwear to cover her obscenely hot body, this definitely helps Tom´s dick grow big and hard.

Violet lightly touches his glans, wrapping her lips around it, her mouth swallows Tom´s cock until her gag reflex appears, her head goes up and down increasing the rhythm. Tom pulls her hair to look into her eyes and invites her to…

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