The 20 ultimate tracks about the hairy bush



For a couple of months ago, female artist and comedian Candace Roberts released this music video (click here to view it), which is a tribute to women’s pubic hair made to, with her own terms: ” own my pubes in an era of hairlessness.” Which got me thinking – We definitely need a 2016 pubic hair playlist!

So here is my private pubic playlist for 2016 – enjoy!

20.  Primus – Winona’s Big Brown Beaver

Two questions came up once this track went viral. 1) If this song was about Wynona Ryder. 2) If this song was about pubic hair. While the band has since denied that the song was about Wynona Ryder the latter remains a mystery.

My judgement: Primus has purposely written the song in a way that made it possible to be interpreted in several ways.

19. Eminem & Obie Trice – Drips

She foaming at the…

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