øksemanden anbefaler: De tyve bedste sange om onani



20. Gary Numan – The Day I Die (1979)

I unstick pages and read
I look at you
I smell the lust in my hands

19. Danii Minogue – Vibe On (2003)

I want what she’s got
Supernatural doin’ things that normal man can’t do
So let me take you out, try you out, I’m in the mood

18. Pixies – Holiday Song (1987)

This ain’t no holiday
But it always turns out this way
Here I am with my hand

17. Buzzcocks – Orgasm Addict (1979)

Now Your mother wants to know what all those stains on you jeans
And you’re an orgasm addict

16. Janet Jackson – If (1993)

How many nights I’ve laid in bed
Excited over you
I’ve closed my eyes and thought of us
A hundred different ways

15. Billy Idol – Dancing With Myself (1981)

When there’s no one else in sight

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