How To Write Great Erotica Characters In a VERY Short Story

Mintie Price

Hello all! I’m writing here, drowning in liquor, preparing for a winter storm over the weekend. As I’m about to start my next story, I thought I would wrangle up some tips for the way I develop characters in an erotica.

Here is the truth of the matter: it’s hard to develop characters and have significant character growth in a story that’s only about 5,000 words long, and also is at least 40% sex.

But it can be done! It should be done! It’s your damn duty as a patriot and erotica author to do so!

Let me give you an example before my listicle. One of my favorite porn directors, Samuel Shanahoy, does films with a large cast of characters. In my favorite porn, Best Slumber Party Ever, Shanahoy does an incredible job of establishing the need of a single “nerd” character to be completely boned by this group…

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