Women, You’re A Lot Like Whiskey

Women, You’re A Lot Like Whiskey

  • When I have more than a taste, you make me a little light headed.
  • I say stupid shit when you’re around. Manly/adorable shit in my head.
  • I try new things when I’m with you. And vaguely remember them the next morning.
  • The size of container you come in is just a matter of personal taste. It doesn’t affect the contents.
  • With you, I’m suddenly way more attractive/interesting than I am in real life.
  • At the bar, every other motherfucker wants what I have. And wants a goddamn sip.
  • Age changes you. Usually for the better.

You have boobies. Fuck… wait…

  • If I get pulled over by a cop and you’re in the front seat, wide open… There’ll be trouble.
  • (Phew. Recovery!)

– rb5577


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