Sex as self harm (trigger warning)


I like sex, it makes me happy when it’s with the right person or people.  I also self harm by cutting, or receiving bruises or many other things, although cutting is my go to, or it used to be.  I stopped years ago.

Sometimes I use sex to self harm.  So the reason I said in the beginning that I like sex and it makes me happy, is that this is different, this is not the sex that makes me happy this is a different thing.  Sometimes I will fuck people who I know will physically hurt me.  I don’t mean BDSM.  I mean self harm.  BDSM is a much healthier (to me, and in my opinion) release, but I am not at a point where I feel safe doing that, even though what I do isn’t really safe either.

I’m bringing this up partially because I think it’s important…

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