Show me your hands ??

We’ve been smaltalking for a while.
Nothing more nothing less.

Two people who love the domination thing.
Your the D
I am the s.

No big deal.

Funny kind of flirting.

I dont believe in anything anymore.
But you seems like a good , nice guy.
I like it that way. Just smaltalking
It is not chaos . I’m not afraid of any goodbye thing.
Because there is no reason for you to leave me.

Suddenly you showed me your captain.
Your manhood
In other words .
Your dick.

You are proud . I can see it.

I can’t help my expression.

Oooh nooo. !!!!

What do you mean. ??
He asked.
It does not matter to me.
I am not a shy guy.

I dont care if you are shy or not ……

I was showing him a sad face.

What if i was interessted in you.
I would be very dissapointed.
You take my gift and put it right into my face.
I like the exitment in unwrapping.
Touch it while unwrapping.
Feeling inside while
i’m longing to see what can be mine.

Ooh sorry he said.

Show me your hands instead. Please. I asked.

Now i was waiting . Will he send me a pics or not.

He laughed. He did not understand. He thought i was funny again.

He sent me a pics of his hands.

Oooh lord…..

my knees became week.

the heart was jumping up side down.

it ticklet in my hair…

I could see it clearly..

All the things these powerfull hands could to.

I felt cheap and hussy….

I did not tell.

Just said thank you
and sent a smile back.

and wrote.

It’s a beautiful weather at the time.
We’ve been missing summer this year.


But how strange…. i cant get his hands of my head.
It was just hands. …… his dick i hardly remember.

Dam it.


angel eyes


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