Whip you


Spanking you

You do it every so often. Guide my hand to your ass, lay across my lap – showing me what you want. Sometimes you just ask me for it: “Spank me”. And I gladly do. I love spanking you. But I rarely give you what you are asking for. I know exactly what you are asking for. You are asking for the slow drifting on pain, adrenaline, warmth and sensations overwhealming you until you are floating on a cloud of feeling naughty, feeling exposed and feeling appreciated and beautiful – losing control and getting rid of every care in the world.

But I can’t help it. Mostly I give you just a little more than you bargained for – or a little less – or a little different – I spank you just a touch harder than last time – I leave you in tears and deeper emotional release…

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Just some words...
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