Every time I turn around


I find that the laws that are put forward to “protect sex workers” are some of the most awful laws in existence.  Do you know what sex workers need.  No protection, but rights.  What makes sex work so dangerous?  Well first of all it’s often overblown as to how dangerous it is.  But more importantly, it’s actually the legal status that makes it more dangerous.  Stigma, added to making it difficult to report assaults, plus pushing people into back allies, etc.  That’s what makes it dangerous.  I have so many friends who post these ridiculous lies about sex work and what will “save” us on the internet and it hurts.  But what can I do?  I’m just an actual sex worker.  Don’t listen to me.  Listen to the anti-sex mob.  The women who think all sex is rape and all prostitution is rape.  But…heaven forbid, what if someone doesn’t have…

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