The art of conducting – dominance in action.

Jaye Peaches - Author

I like a good conductor (the orchestral kind not the bus).  Since I was kid I’ve been faced with many conductors.  They’re all different, and yet, they have a lot in common.  Here are the classic features:

bad conductorGood sense of rhythm – goes without saying, but you’d be surprised how many are vague when it comes to waving a baton.

female conductorAn expressive face – they can yell at you in practise, but during performances, it’s all in the face. The glare, the snarl, the pleased and the delighted.
Knowledgeable – they have to know more than you do about the music and not appear arrogant about it.  You want to come away feeling educated.  That includes all the variety of instruments. There is nothing worse than a conductor who knows only the instrument they trained on. They spent the entire time addressing just that part of the orchestra and ignore…

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