The F word

F f f…

Understanding Flutterby

mister t-small

Sir really does buy me the most wonderful presents.
For my birthday earlier this year He gave me a choice. A flogger made by Daisy of Daisy’s Floggers, or…..and tbh honest I forget the ‘or’ because as soon as He said the F word, my mind was already wandering away.

I like heavy, I like thud, not so much a fan of sting but I’ll take it if I have to. I got stuck on colour until I saw a monochrome flogger she’d already made, and declared I’d like to add red to the mix, for visual impact.

I waited to be told it was ready to be posted, then waited a little more for it to arrive, then waited some more so Sir & I could open the package together, then had to wait until after dinner to try it out. That’s a hell of a lot of waiting…

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