I finally did it!


Oh, bloody hell, it makes me so MAD!!!
(which is the equivalent of the submissive “sad”)

I feel the anger rage, my mind clear as ice,
It is the moment to establish, are you men or mice?

I finalised a murder today…., I finally did it
I removed the side of me that should have been comitted

The little submissive is finally dead,
The one that is my feelings and not my head

I have struggled to save her, to keep her protected
but she dragged me down, made me feel rejected

There WAS no beauty in my “little” side,
only weakness, disgust and the lack of pride

I do know my feelings was way to large,
from now on I’ll only let my head be in charge

I finally did it, I killed my innocent little,
I did love her to death, but she was way to brittle…

FreidigFrekk FL


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