Dom to English translation.

Dom to English translation.


“Why aren’t you on your knees yet?” = “Hi honey, I’m home.”

“Open your mouth.” = “Are you awake yet?”

“You can handle it.” = “Are you OK?”

“Just do it.” = “Please.”

“Take it anyway.” = “I’m sorry this isn’t your favorite thing to do.”

“This will only hurt for a second.” = “You’ll be feeling this all day tomorrow.”

“Did you just say no?” = “Run, now.”

“You’re not done yet.” = “I’m not done yet.”

“Don’t move.” = “You’re going to be here for a while.”

“Is this too tight?” = “I don’t care if this is too tight.”

“Does this hurt?” = “I don’t care if this hurts.”

“Don’t bother putting makeup on.” = “It’s just going to get ruined.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll like this.” = “You’re probably not going to like this.”

“I’m sorry.” = “I’m not sorry, and your tears turn me on.”

“Be ready and waiting.” = “See you later.”

“Good girl.” – “I love you.”

“Make me a sandwich.” = “Make me a sandwich.”

MrJew 2015


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