11 Reasons You Should Sleep #NAKED

Christina Mandara


Do you sleep sans pyjamas? Or are you more comfortable smothered in the finest silk PJs?

If you’re the latter, we’re on a quest to turn you to the dark (/naked) side with a selection of fascinating facts as to why you should ditch your jammies and sleep in the buff. It really is good for you.

Pyjamas are overrated anyway…

How much, on average, do you spend on a single set of pyjamas? £20-£40? More? And how often you wash them? Now think to yourself ‘imagine how much money/time I could save by not wearing PJs?’

Revolutionary, huh? We thought so too.

Body bonding with Oxytocin

Naturopathic Doctor, Natasha Turner blogged for Huff Post Canada revealing that when you’re in the buff and sleeping next to your partner, your body releases a feel-good hormone called oxytocin.

This occurs through skin to skin touching and can help alleviate stress and…

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